Making IT work for you - faster, easier and more efficient.

Our Core Services


Remote Monitoring and Management by tried and tested platforms and application. Completely secure and encrypted, with unlimited customization potential.


From complex LAN layouts to simple spider topography, WiFi hotspots, LAN to WAN bridging, we can help you make sense of your network. Big or small.


Supplying and installing of any IT hardware. We only deal in trusted brands, and have a proven track record with all our installations.

CCTV & Security

They say prevention is better than cure. So how do you prevent something to happen again? By being able to know exactly how it was done. Get covered with state of the art CCTV, alerting you of everything.

About Us

Technical Manager
Electrical and Automation Specialist, project and planning manager for new Projects
ESETA Qualified ArtisanĀ  10+ years experience in household electricity.

Everd van Dyk

Owner Manager
IT Specialist – N.O.C. Engineer
More than 20 year experience in building and maintaining IT systems. Network layout and implementation.

Christo van Dyk

Marketing & Accounts
Driven for excellence in the sales field, and passionate about happy customers. Several years experience in telesales and product marketing to new customers

Helouise van Dyk

“You can’t just ask customers what they want and then try to give that to them. By the time you get it built, they’ll want something new.”
Steve Jobs

We put our trust in these

About us

NDYK Technologies. EST 2001
Network, CCTV and IT Services in the westcoast. Based in Vredenburg

Our mission

Improving customers IT systems by deploying tools to better manage and understand IT. Everyone has the ability to perform to its best with the correct tools. We can help you achieve that with ease and cost effectiveness.